Our Mission

Crop Stories is a biannual zine that digs deep into relationships between farmer and field, consumer and market, soil and table. Each issue adopts one crop as a theme, then blends agricultural journalism, recipes, and good food advocacy to meditate on the state of the small farm and the conscientious shopper in the American South. Our stories generate from this great swath of verdant land because we believe the region is well-suited as a source for timely, engaging stories about farming. In Georgia, the Carolinas, Mississippi, and beyond, issues of class, race, identity, and sustainability intersect in the act of growing food and feeding our communities.

The creative team behind Crop Stories is no stranger to the dirty work of farm labor and food service. We are farm hands and activists, cooks and seed savers. For us, supporting local agriculture is a way of life, not a trend. Our readers feel the same. The zine emerged as way to share our passion for the agrarian labor of people we know and love, and share it with others. Our audience includes market fanatics, cooks, green thumbs, Southerners and aspirational Southerners, and real live farmers. 

Our hope is that Crop Stories will connect eaters to growers and strengthen vegetable and agricultural literacy across the country.

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