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    Crop Stories Plans New Issue, Expansion

    Crop Stories Plans New Issue, Expansion


    We have a brand new issue in the works, but we need your help, and maybe even your talents. 

    Crop Stories is a biannual print publication that digs deep into relationships between farmer and field, consumer and market, soil and table. We launched in Athens, Georgia in 2014, and created three editions — blueberries, winter squash, and radishes — that employed narrative, history, and recipe to explore agriculture in the South.

    It soon became evident that Crop Stories filled an untapped need for readers interested in our blend of agricultural food stories, photography, culinary coverage, and food advocacy. Crop Stories garnered regional and national attention from well-respected food platforms such as Tasting Table, Paste Magazine, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the Charleston Post and Courier.

    Launched as a labor of love by farmers and writers, Crop Stories' editorial team assessed its plan for the future and decided they wanted more. A bigger, better publication. To do so, we need help.

    Our vision is to create a beautiful, tactile magazine experience that honors the great agricultural traditions and future of the American South, doing so with journalistic integrity, an artistic eye, and compelling stories told by diverse voices. We aim to introduce our revamped Crop Stories -- with Sweet Potatoes as a theme -- in the fall of 2017. 

    To accomplish all this, we are seeking partners who share in our vision– organizations and individuals who believe in the power of the soil and the power of story. Your financial support will bolster our efforts to produce a visually compelling zine and share it with a wider audience. Supporting our mission will help Crop Stories grow and support a talented staff and its crew of freelance writers, illustrators, and photographers. 

    So far, we've raised a portion of our budget for the next issue with events. Next week, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign. We hope you'll share it far and wide. 

    We also seek partners in the business and nonprofit communities who share our vision, and can help bring the new Crop Stories to life. As a project of the Athens Farmers Market, a nonprofit, your sponsorship of Crop Stories is tax deductible. Sponsorships, offered in the form of advertisements in a range of sizes, are detailed in the attached Media Kit. If your business or organization is interested in partnering with Crop Stories, please send us an email!

    As we seek to expand our footprint as a regional Southern magazine, Crop Stories needs new talents. Right now, we need writers, illustrators, photographers, storytellers of all sorts from the following states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi. Do you have an in-depth, untold, fascinating farm story to tell? Send us a pitch at cropstories at gmail dot com

    You don't have to live in that state, but we need stories set in those places. Reach out now!

    Look forward to hearing more from us soon! Our funding campaign launches next week. Please share it, and this post as well.



    the Crop Stories team.

    Check Out Our Crowdfunding Video

    Check Out Our Crowdfunding Video

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