Crop Stories is a journal of farms, food, and compelling narratives

    Community Supported Farm Journalism

    Community Supported Farm Journalism

    Farmers are the heroes of Crop Stories. The pages we compose, design, and print pay homage to agricultural workers of all stripes. Rarely does our focus stray because we are nothing without them. 

    Even our business model honors farmers, specifically independent, small, idiosyncratic and countercultural growers. We seek direct connections with our readers, just like a farmer at a Saturday morning market, and we don’t let anything or anyone muddy that message. This means we must find alternative funding to produce our issues. We prefer to pitch our magazine to our readers face to face, rather than hoping we catch their eyes from a newsstand shelf. We only seek out retailers whose missions align with ours. Our path isn’t easy.

    In short, Crop Stories is a labor of love, just like a hoop house full of heirloom tomatoes. So we’re strengthening this publisher-subject connection by adapting the Community Supported Agriculture model. We tried crowdfunding. Many of you gave and it went amazingly well. But we know how quickly the crowdfunding well can go dry. Instead, we chose to simplify the transaction between us and our readers. A direct connection. A handshake. A commitment.  

    This week we launch the Crop Stories subscription program, a year-long community supported farm journalism project that will deliver two issues of compelling and beautiful narratives about agriculture in the South directly to your mailbox. 

    We’re offering a three-tier system -- Subscribers | Supporters | Patrons -- that allows our readers to give at a level comfortable to them. 

    Subscribers will have issues delivered to their homes before they’re released to the public. 

    Supporters will receive an extra small gift along with their copies.

    Patrons get issues, gifts, and their names printed in each issue they’ve helped create.

    (Prices are set to account for shipping.)

    Our next issue, Greens, is already in production with an expected publication date in late spring. We almost have enough funds to pay our contributors and ship the pages to the printer. Your support will assure 2018 is a fruitful year for Crop Stories. 

    We’re a publication for people who care about the land, good food, and the South. Let’s strengthen our community.

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